400 North New Member Orientation Information

There are 2 training requirements for new REALTOR® members of the 400 North Association of REALTORS®.

Both training courses must be completed within six months upon activation of membership.

Class Information

These two classes must be completed separately.

  1. 400 North Association of REALTORS® Local Orientation
    All new members must attend an in-class Local 400 North Association Training course offered in Cumming. This class serves as an introduction to the 400 North Association of REALTORS® and covers key membership benefits provided by 400N, GAR, and NAR! Check below for upcoming Orientations being held. Registration for this program is easy and is available by clicking the links in the calendar below. If you don't remember your username or password, you may request that it be emailed to you from the login screen. Please note that the username and password are case sensitive. We encourage you to sign up now and not wait until the last minute as classes usually fill up quickly!
  2. New Member Code of Ethics Training Online
    This program can be completed online or in-class.
    • The online program offered through NAR can be accessed by clicking here. Login information for the NAR website: Upon applying for membership, you were assigned a National REALTOR® Database System ID. This is commonly referred to as your NRDS ID. You will need this in order to create an account and register for the online course. Please note that this option does not provide you with continuing education credit.
    • In-class programs are approximately 3 hours in length and do provide you with CE credit in addition to fulfilling the new membership responsibilities. Courses are offered in this area through the Georgia Association of REALTORS®. Click here to search.

Please feel free to contact the membership department with any questions regarding your membership via phone, 404.845.4008, or email, membership@400NorthRealtors.com. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the next Local 400 North Association Training session.

Already a REALTOR®?

If you are currently a member of another REALTOR® Association or have held membership in the past with the 400 North REALTORS® Association and you have already completed your new member training requirements, then you would not be required to complete this training again.

You must submit proof of your New Member Code of Ethics and Orientation completion from your previous or current REALTOR® association in order to bypass attendance at either of these training sessions. Proof may emailed directly to the Membership Department, membership@400NorthRealtors.com, or call 404.845.4008.

Upcoming Orientation Programs